Monday, November 10, 2014

The Very Best of Rex Rasmussen

So . . . The first 3 months of Rex's life we took WAY too many pictures (as if that were possible). Here are some of the ones I loved and never want to forget. 

I call this frying pan face. It's that thing of where you look like someone hit you in the face with a frying pan, but really you just had a baby. I didn't care though because I was so deliriously happy. 

Happy daddy, sweet baby. 

Our first picture of Rexy boy. 

He was sooo little. I thought for sure I would have an 8 pound baby. 

My favorite swaddle - the tortilla chip. 

The coke said so, therefore it must be true. 

Holding his own bink like it ain't no thang, a genius straight out the womb. 

Getting some rays

Where did these dimples come from!? It was the first thing the nurses noticed when he was born. 

Guard dog 

First bath

We had a lot of late nights together. Every one of them was worth it. 

Modeling at 1 month old. 

This was his favorite face

Fresh out da bath

Drunk in love. 

He hates birthday cake. 

Smiles for days

I call this one "knuckle dimples" 

My two loves. 

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Ali said...

I love this Tanya! It's adorable to see him get bigger and bigger with each pic. Also, totally laughed out loud at frying pan face comment.