Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wedding Day!

We were so lucky to be able to get married in Hawaii where we met! It's crazy how everything worked out. Tanya and I had dated pretty much for a year before we ever even talked about marriage. This past August we were eating burritos on her deck and just started talking about us and it didn't take long to realize we wanted to marry each other. After awkwardly asking her dad for permission and coming up with a game plan of how we were going to make getting married in Hawaii seem like a good idea, it somehow worked!
We also got very lucky with wedding stuff too. Our friend Dan made us invitations that were exactly what we wanted, and he took our engagement pics in San Diego after our cruise in August. We booked our wedding dinner at Waimea Valley which is amazing and we heard nothing but good about. A week before we went to HI there was a mudslide there that took out the power and water and things. They also found human bones in the mudslide and we definitely couldn't have our dinner there anymore. We were worried when they moved it to Shark's Cove Grill, but it turned out perfect and was more our style anyway. Some of our favorite pictures were taken there too.
Our photographer happened by accident too. He was so nice, took amazing pictures, and he gave us a really good deal. His name is Mark Holladay and he lives in La'ie. Basically he's living our dream life right now.
The house we stayed at was 'da bomb too. We were so happy too that about 30 people made it out for the wedding. It also rained like crazy the week before and the week after our wedding, but not on our day!!

A montage of great pics from the day

We got really lucky on our rings too.  After looking at 15,000 jewelry stores, Tanya found a ring she loves.  Mine was custom made and I love the diamond.

Tanya looked amaze

We got on the bus and asked if we could ride and the guy said "for you wedding day, you ride for FREE!" - we didn't end up doing it but we took great bus pics.  

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