Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oahu - Wedding Week!

Here are some pictures of our wedding week on Oahu.  It was tons of fun.  It honestly felt like coming home for us.  We had both our families there and rented a big house that everyone stayed in.  Besides the 10 person jacuzzi and tire swing, it was fun just to eat together and be together everyday.  Tanya and I also had a blast visiting all our favorite Oahu hangouts with fellow hussies Dan and Gentry and remembering the summer we spent there.  We are more excited than ever to move to Hawaii, but it wont be for awhile (something about finishing school and making sure we have enough money to live there?  I don't know).  

Welcome Home!

Reunited from across the country

Arms full of grandbabies

Ender got an early Christmas present and was actually good at opening it

Applying for our marriage license in Honolulu

I swear to take care of you, even when we're old, wrinkly, and covered in skin cancer

Hukilau Beach! 'Nuff said

Hussies reunite on the grassy grassy knoll knoll

Waimea Bay - waves too big to even swim in, so much different than in the summer

Hussies reunite at Waimea

Brenden so happy to be with grandma Cher Bear in paradise

Sad that we couldn't jump off or swim under the rock

Loves the Matsumotos - I'll have the melanoma please

Tapps loves it too

The Haleiwa Hussies reunite in Haleiwa!

Sibs at the temple after a sesh

Always being chauffeured around the island in rental cars

Rod what wast that? . . . . . A FIESH!

Shave ice at PCC - serves 8-10 adults

'Da boat tour.  Kind of sad Devin wasn't there to paddle us around

Tats, Tats, and more Tats . . . 'n fish

Matchy matchy face tats with his favorite uncle Rod

Thanks Tapps for the pineapple smoothie!  

We definitely took advantage of this ten person hottub.  Dan only looks slightly Cuban.

We made this tire swing our biatch!

Hiking to Maunawili Falls

They lugged Ender all the way up to the falls - I'm sure he appreciated it

Rasmussens hiking

Tapps Hiking

Deep in the jungle, hoping to stumble into a filming of Lost

The night before the wedding . . . cold feet much?

The night before the wedding everyone in my family gave Tanya something that reminded them of me, and her family gave me stuff that reminded them of her (if that makes sense).  Of course the oven mitts had to come out, accompanied by my "I love candy" dance.  Tan also go an adult swaddle to wrap me in so I can't sleep walk, a laundry basket so we could have matching "luggage," a costco card to buy a days worth of toilet paper for me (64 pack), mixed CD, and the funniest book about "Rodiams" so Tanya can understand the weird words and phrases I use.  I got a UofU scarf so I can fit in with her family, an eye mask that says "nice" so I will remember to be nice to her, even when she interrupts my precious naps, a pig (since she has to sleep with one), etc.  It was a lot of fun and we all laughed the whole way through.  Thanks everyone! 

I call this one "dead babies"  . . .  even though they're really just sleeping

Since we didn't get married until 2:00 pm, we had the morning of our wedding to crap off and play.  We went to the beach and I skinny dipped as my last fun act before "settling down."  It was the most relaxing wedding day in the history of the world.

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