Sunday, May 17, 2009

'Da Big Apple

We had a blast in New York! We went to visit my brother Brian, his wife Amy, and their baby Ender. We also wanted to do all the touristy stuff and see the city. We saw and did a lot! Unfortunately, I lost my wallet a couple of hours before we had to fly to the airport, which added some stress. I soon forgot about it though, and just let go and had fun. Here are some pics of the trip.

We flew into JFK, but were staying in Jersey City. So when our redeye got in at 5:30 am, we got to ride the airtrain, then catch a subway from Queens to Manhattan, then go up and walk a few blocks against all the incoming commuters, then take the PATH from Manhattan into Jersey City, then catch a cab to their apartment. WORTH IT, we had so much fun with them, and Marianne got to come up from DC too, since she had just finished finals.
Reunited at last with baby Ender!

He didn't love me, he just wanted me for my phone . . .

At the South Street Seaport

We stopped at this fancy chocolate store, which was very
expensive and looked like a jewelry store

We got this $8 mousse heart. Thanks for buying it Marianne, you goon face!

Brian and Amy took us to a VERY good pizza place in Greenwich Village. We loved it and polished off 2 large pizzas and a salad ya'll!

While we were walking around the village we were walking behind this girl and I whispered to Tanya "she's sooo tall and skinny." When we walked past her we realized it was Celia from this season of America's Next Top Model. We are both big fans of the show, and liked her. We stopped and talked to her and got a pic. She was so nice, very cool and invited us to go to this frozen yogurt place with her, which was good and we went all the way back for another day!

This is one of Celia's pics from Top Model. This one's my favorite, yet she got kicked off the week of this photo. She made it to top 4

This is Tanya's favorite pic of her

Another day when we were walking around we got asked directions by a couple people and one of them was Fatima from Top Model (Season 10). She was really good too, made it to top 3

This is a pic of her from the show

We found a cool flea market and found these hats

Statue of Lib from the Staten Island Ferry

Times Square

Times Square

The view of Manhattan from Jersey City, NJ

Colombus Circle

We rented a tandem bike to ride around Central Park. It was a lot of fun. We stopped for a minute to eat ice cream, and this guy asked us if he could borrow our bike for a photo shoot. These models got on it and rode it around and got pics taken. It ended up being for Ralph Lauren. They paid us $40 to use our bike for ten minutes!

We saw Stephen Baldwin (who was on this past season of celebrity apprentice and is going to be on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" in June) filming some sort of commercial or something, with a giant smoothie man. We tried to sneak pics of him and another guy we thought was Jesse James, but I guess isn't. Does anyone know who he is? Looks like a wrestler. He looks like he's going to kill Tanya.

This is who I thought was Jesse James.

Frapps from Starbucks are the vacation tradish

Manhattan Temple

The view of Central Park from the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The roof

Rockafeller Center - obviously hoping for a Tina Fey or Tracy Morgan run-in

Tanya's first taste of Indian food . . . ever! in Jersey City

Thanks for ordering for us Brian and Amy!

We went to the Bronx Zoo. It was a long train ride, but worth it to get some fresh air
and see some animals! We killed these giraffes' family to make Tan's bag



I rode the camel - one of the top things on my bucket list. Now
I just need to do it in the desert!

We got tickets to David Letterman - Robin Williams was the guest

Little Italy. We met our friend Meri (her husband was at class) for dinner here

Baby Ender was born with a cleft pallet. He was born in July but they couldn't fix it until now. He got the surgery while we were there, and it went well! This is the night before the surgery

We thought our flight was on Thursday, but when we woke up and looked at the itinerary, we realized it wasn't really until Friday! So we got an extra day and went to Harlem to the Dinosaur BBQ. Best . . . Wings . . . EVER

Tanya joined the cotton club while we were there

Poor baby Enderito had to have his arms splinted so he wont reach in his mouth

Ender just sat there and stuck his tongue out of his mouth . . . poor little terd.


Purser Family said...

Frapps on the way to the temple. I pass no judgment. They are my favorite vacation treat too!

Erin said...

Looks like the trip of a lifetime! I'm so glad you guys had so much fun and even got a few photos of the celebs...good for you.

That's so funny about the rental of the tandem bike. I guess, I would want to borrow it for a photo shoot too...

Poor baby Ender! What a little trooper! And what a darling little guy! Auntie Tan and Uncle Rod are the best!

deanna said...

Invite me next time. But I hate models...skinny brats.

RoTan said...

No, the models were really nice, I promise. But yeah, a little too skinny

Heather said...

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! I am so jealous that you ran into Celia AND Fatima! haha. That is radical! Looks like you guys had a good time. I heart NY.

Janelle Champion said...

Oh my goodness. I am so jealous. I have a sick addiction for reality tv and all your star gazing has left me sad and alone here in VA. All I have seen here is a local tv attorney who looks like a Jewish hobbit. Now all you need to see is Whitney from the City and your life will be complete.