Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy B-day, GG-ma!

So my great grandma Freeman (My mom's dad's mom) turned 106 last month!  We were all shocked when she made it to 95 . . . then 100 . . . then each year after that until now.  She is living in a nursing home in Logan.  She is still amazingly with it.  She remembers everyone's name, including great great grandchildren, spouses of great grandchildren, where everyone's living, and what everyone's doing.  Unfortunately, she's very upset she made it to another birthday.  Her husband passed away before I was born (over 25 years ago) and she is just ready to join him again.  Tanya and I got to visit her a couple weeks ago, as well as other friends (Brooke and Kara) in Logan.  Anyway, We love you GGMA!
We were able to get out of her "death grip" long enough to hear stories of a simpler time

She just loves being able to hold anyone's hand and know that they're there with her.

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