Monday, May 18, 2009

We wanted the doggyzzzz

So lately Tanya and I have been so DOG CRAZY! We both love them and want one ASAP. Unfortunately, this urge comes at the same time that we're getting ready to move into a basement apartment of a woman who hates (and is allergic) to dogs (her name is Cher Bear). We're going to work our magic and somehow talk her into it, so in the meantime, here's what we want . . . .

For obvious reasons I want a chihuahua. Tanya says if we get a chihuahua it can be a boy, and we can name it Pharell (what I really want to name my first born son, but she - and everyone else - wont allow it for some reason . . .)

Tanya really wants an itty bitty baby Yorkie. They are pretty expensive, but probably the most adorable dog on the planet. I love these black and tan ones and they're so cuddly.

If I get Pharell, I plan on buying a baby toupet for him, getting him some doggy trucker hats and bling, and also forcing him to wear an argyle sweater most days.

If Tanya gets baby pickles, she will obviously place her in her denim shirt pocket while running errands, and cover her in princess attire (bows, bedazzled collers, and probably try to pierce her ears). I think having a dog will be great because then we don't have to have kids for 5-7 years!
What kind of dog would you get? And how can we convince Cher Bear to love Pharell & Pickles as much as we do?


Heather said...

Tanya... I am with you... yorkies are soooo cute. And I think it would be a perfect accessory to your denim shirt.

deanna said...

Not sure about these choices. Do you eat at Tacobell...because you would have to to get the Chihuahua (chee wow wa). But bedazzled things do make me happy so maybe the other one. Or maybe you kids would like a turtle? like the teenage mutant ninja kind! just a suggestion

Danielle Perona said...

I'm with Tanya. But I am with both of you on putting it in your denim pocket, blinging it out and carrying it around. If you get one, can I buy you your first doggie stroller?