Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Lives are Over

Within a couple of weeks, our lives (or the lives we live through vicariously on T.V.) pretty much ended as all of our favorite shows wrapped up for the season. It was like one day we had a DVR full of goodies, and the next - nothing. Here are some highlights (and lowlights) of the shows that got us through winter semester
(Warning! If you are way backed up on your TIVO, possible spoiler alerts ahead)
The Biggest Loser: Couples
I think we are some of the last people to become obsessed with this show, and it's pretty much the only season we watched all the way through. Although 2 hours was a lot to devote to a show, it made it easier that we could skip through the commercials, and as an added bonus the cast got more and more attractive every week, so it became easier to watch!
Highlight - Watching Tara win challenge after challenge after challenge
Lowlight - The cheesy fake promos they do in the middle of the show where they pretend to be having a conversation and it's like "I'm hungry for a snack" and Bob's like "Have you tried extra sugarfree gum? It really helps cut the cravings." SHAMELESS

Here are Tara and Helen. From the beginning they were 2 of our favorites (besides the Tongans, Filipe & Sione). They both just kept doing aweseme and their transformations were shocking!
Helen won, and she deserved it. Look at those guns! She got down to 117 lbs.

Tara, who they claimed was a former model. When she was fat at the beginning I was like "whatever, yeah right" but slowly I started to see that could possibly be true.

America's Next Top Model
This show never ceases to amaze us. They take girls that can look so normal (and sometimes even wierd) and they somehow become these amazing models that take awesome pictures.
Highlight - They finally went to South America for their abroad trip! I've been wondering and asking Tanya when they would, and they went to Sao Paulo, Brazil!
Lowlight - Natalie, the brat from Southern CA and Thalia
This is Teyona, America's Next Top Model

The Amazing Race
This is one of our favorites. We love to travel and our dream is to be on this show. This season was okay, I didn't love all the places they traveled to. Also, we found that pretty much none of the teams were very likeable. They were all just the same old same old that we've seen a million times - annoying, ungrateful, etc.
Highlight - Wheels of cheese rolling down the hills of Switzerland and crashing into houses!
Lowlight - Basically all the teams (red heads were rude and ingrateful, blondes were too plastic, deaf kid was such a baby, athlete sisters bored us to tears, both young dating couples were boring and douchie, hick couple was sort of likeable but not even living in the real world, etc, etc)
Tammy and Victor won the mil. He was too feminine/controlling and I have a feeling these two Harvard Law grads don't really need the money . . .

Bratty red heads making it down the hill with their wheels of cheese

Gossip Girl
Tanya and I got hooked on this show because we heard it talked about sooooo much. Don't let the name and the excessive OMGs and WTFs scare you away. It's actually a pretty entertaining show with good characters, good writing, good plots, and lots of high school students somehow going into bars and drinking martinis every day of the week.
Highlight - everything that came out of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf''s mouths
Lowlight - Jenny Humphrey (played by the girl who was Cindy Loo Hoo in the grinch) and her crop top and racoon eyes
See what I mean? Yeesh!

Best characters on TV
30 Rock
Everything Tina Fey touches turns to gold. This show is no exception. It is personally pulling ahead of the office for me (Rod), judging purely by how many times I LOL while watching it.
Highlight - When Tina (Liz Lemon) went to her class reunion and realized she was the mean girl at her high school - also "I want to go to there" and "Find out if there's a sit-down Quiznos in Midtown!"
Lowlight - That we didn't run into Tina Fey when we were in NYC

'Da Cast

Class Reunion

We were about ready to ditch SNL for good, but then a few seasons ago along came Kristin Wiig. Since then, she has carried the entire show on her back and everything SHE touches also turns to Gold.
Highlights - "Gillllllyyyy?!?"
Lowlights - Anything Kenan Thompson is in

"I found a dead cat on the side of the road so I took it home and put some honey on it and I cooked it and I ate it is that bad? do do do doooo"
Are we pathetic?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday we decided to do a throwback to the early 90s (as long as our style has gone back there, why not our pasttimes?). We went to Tanya's parents' house for a summer cookout (BBQ shiskabobs) and decided to celebrate the death of another long, painful, dreadful winter . . . by going rollerblading outside! It was a lot of fun. At one point as we were all blazing down the street in the mighty ducks flying V formation, I turned to everyone and exclaimed "the dream team is back!" I love summer.

"The Dream Team" - and Tanya kneeing me in the "nards" (another early 90's throwback word)

Monday, May 18, 2009

We wanted the doggyzzzz

So lately Tanya and I have been so DOG CRAZY! We both love them and want one ASAP. Unfortunately, this urge comes at the same time that we're getting ready to move into a basement apartment of a woman who hates (and is allergic) to dogs (her name is Cher Bear). We're going to work our magic and somehow talk her into it, so in the meantime, here's what we want . . . .

For obvious reasons I want a chihuahua. Tanya says if we get a chihuahua it can be a boy, and we can name it Pharell (what I really want to name my first born son, but she - and everyone else - wont allow it for some reason . . .)

Tanya really wants an itty bitty baby Yorkie. They are pretty expensive, but probably the most adorable dog on the planet. I love these black and tan ones and they're so cuddly.

If I get Pharell, I plan on buying a baby toupet for him, getting him some doggy trucker hats and bling, and also forcing him to wear an argyle sweater most days.

If Tanya gets baby pickles, she will obviously place her in her denim shirt pocket while running errands, and cover her in princess attire (bows, bedazzled collers, and probably try to pierce her ears). I think having a dog will be great because then we don't have to have kids for 5-7 years!
What kind of dog would you get? And how can we convince Cher Bear to love Pharell & Pickles as much as we do?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

'Da Big Apple

We had a blast in New York! We went to visit my brother Brian, his wife Amy, and their baby Ender. We also wanted to do all the touristy stuff and see the city. We saw and did a lot! Unfortunately, I lost my wallet a couple of hours before we had to fly to the airport, which added some stress. I soon forgot about it though, and just let go and had fun. Here are some pics of the trip.

We flew into JFK, but were staying in Jersey City. So when our redeye got in at 5:30 am, we got to ride the airtrain, then catch a subway from Queens to Manhattan, then go up and walk a few blocks against all the incoming commuters, then take the PATH from Manhattan into Jersey City, then catch a cab to their apartment. WORTH IT, we had so much fun with them, and Marianne got to come up from DC too, since she had just finished finals.
Reunited at last with baby Ender!

He didn't love me, he just wanted me for my phone . . .

At the South Street Seaport

We stopped at this fancy chocolate store, which was very
expensive and looked like a jewelry store

We got this $8 mousse heart. Thanks for buying it Marianne, you goon face!

Brian and Amy took us to a VERY good pizza place in Greenwich Village. We loved it and polished off 2 large pizzas and a salad ya'll!

While we were walking around the village we were walking behind this girl and I whispered to Tanya "she's sooo tall and skinny." When we walked past her we realized it was Celia from this season of America's Next Top Model. We are both big fans of the show, and liked her. We stopped and talked to her and got a pic. She was so nice, very cool and invited us to go to this frozen yogurt place with her, which was good and we went all the way back for another day!

This is one of Celia's pics from Top Model. This one's my favorite, yet she got kicked off the week of this photo. She made it to top 4

This is Tanya's favorite pic of her

Another day when we were walking around we got asked directions by a couple people and one of them was Fatima from Top Model (Season 10). She was really good too, made it to top 3

This is a pic of her from the show

We found a cool flea market and found these hats

Statue of Lib from the Staten Island Ferry

Times Square

Times Square

The view of Manhattan from Jersey City, NJ

Colombus Circle

We rented a tandem bike to ride around Central Park. It was a lot of fun. We stopped for a minute to eat ice cream, and this guy asked us if he could borrow our bike for a photo shoot. These models got on it and rode it around and got pics taken. It ended up being for Ralph Lauren. They paid us $40 to use our bike for ten minutes!

We saw Stephen Baldwin (who was on this past season of celebrity apprentice and is going to be on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" in June) filming some sort of commercial or something, with a giant smoothie man. We tried to sneak pics of him and another guy we thought was Jesse James, but I guess isn't. Does anyone know who he is? Looks like a wrestler. He looks like he's going to kill Tanya.

This is who I thought was Jesse James.

Frapps from Starbucks are the vacation tradish

Manhattan Temple

The view of Central Park from the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The roof

Rockafeller Center - obviously hoping for a Tina Fey or Tracy Morgan run-in

Tanya's first taste of Indian food . . . ever! in Jersey City

Thanks for ordering for us Brian and Amy!

We went to the Bronx Zoo. It was a long train ride, but worth it to get some fresh air
and see some animals! We killed these giraffes' family to make Tan's bag



I rode the camel - one of the top things on my bucket list. Now
I just need to do it in the desert!

We got tickets to David Letterman - Robin Williams was the guest

Little Italy. We met our friend Meri (her husband was at class) for dinner here

Baby Ender was born with a cleft pallet. He was born in July but they couldn't fix it until now. He got the surgery while we were there, and it went well! This is the night before the surgery

We thought our flight was on Thursday, but when we woke up and looked at the itinerary, we realized it wasn't really until Friday! So we got an extra day and went to Harlem to the Dinosaur BBQ. Best . . . Wings . . . EVER

Tanya joined the cotton club while we were there

Poor baby Enderito had to have his arms splinted so he wont reach in his mouth

Ender just sat there and stuck his tongue out of his mouth . . . poor little terd.