Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep right now. All day long I was studying for a midterm (although they shouldn't be allowed to call it that when there are 4 of them throughout the semester - all equally time consuming and horrific). Today our Sunday tradish of playing Super Mario Brothers for Wii and Sequence (our new favorite board game) were tainted by the little voice in the back of my head telling me I should be studying Latin American history instead. boo. I can't wait until April 23rd when I can wipe my brain clean and start over, forgetting everything I learned in college. Everyone keeps telling me that it only gets more stressful and less fun after graduating. Really? I refuse to believe it.

Things besides that are great for us. Tanya is enjoying her post-grad free time and just finished reading
So now we can watch the movie (loves us some Rachel McAdams)
Her birthday is also coming up, so we have something to look forward to in March (besides the obviously much improved weather)

I really love my jobs right now and I like being able to work from home. I'm learning a lot every day. Last week we got to go to a concert in Provo at The Velour (such a cool venue) to see Lindsay Aline, who I promote online, perform with some other artists.
She is good live and rocked on the piano. The picture on the right is the poster I made, we saw it hanging up when we were walking to the concert and I got excited for some dumb reason - I'm no graphic artist, I wish I were and I respect people that can do that. I hope to learn someday.
We also got really excited to be able to drink Coke and Purple Drank (grape soda) from bottles
There was also a girl named MaryDawn who did this thing where she made her voice sound like a muted trumpet, it was really cool! She had a good voice too, very old-fashioned. Here's a video I took

And last night we planned out our 15 day trip to Costa Rica with Curtis & Ashley, and we're so happy that it's now going to involve

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Jake & Samantha Marshall said...

Can you guys even take a bad picture? I swear you are so photogenic. Tannie, how was The Time Travelers Wife? I loved the movie but I heard that the book was very confusing. And I too love me some Rachel McAdams! :) Did you happen to see the Car Horns and More skit on SNL last week...oh I was dying!