Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Last Week

Our last week before we moved was a blur of . . .

Eating at all our favorite restaurants (including Su Casa, Pei Wei, Tucanos, Noodles & Co, Morelia, Braza Grill Express (a new favorite), Italian Village, Kneaders, and 2 midnight Del Taco runs)
Lots and lots of games (here we are charging our glow in the dark cards for some blackout scum).
Some barbecues so we could say goodbye to friends and family
And last hang-outs with besties for awhile
Packing all of our nice house things into boxes and shoving them in Tanya's Grandma's attic, and then packing the rest of our belongings into what we could take on the plane with us.
Makings sure each bag was under 50 lbs (unfortunately the scale we used was off, so everything was overweight and we had to do some MAJOR re-arranging at the airport.)
And one last meal at Cafe Rio before heading to the airport.

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