Thursday, July 1, 2010

Road Trip to SF

Tanya and I just got home from a week in San Francisco. We drove there to ship our car to Hawaii and spend time with my sister Danielle, her husband Matt, and our little nephew Brenden.

You know how on road trips it's always fun on the way, but on the way home you just want to be done and the drive is always terrible? This was the best of both worlds because we got to fly home!

Here are some highlights
We live for road trips. There's nothing like being together with our tunes and just talking, laughing, and eating junk food.
We were stuck behind this trailer and asked ourselves - How could that NOT be a dead body? Isn't it so creepy?
We waved to Sister Kelson as we passed by San Jose
Our first morning in the city my sister took us to this hidden park where you can slide down cement slides on slick cardboard boxes. It was really fun except we both fell on our bums and got soaked in the process.
Then we took the little nugget to a baby park to play.
We also took him on the merry-go-round.
And then we had a picnic, fed the ducks, and watched the paddle boaters pass by.
Tan and I spent the afternoon shopping in the Marina District and stumbled upon a shop with the BEST cupcakes in the world. The frosting on mine was Reeses flavored to a T.
The next day we met up with our good friend Dan who now lives in SF. We walked around Chinatown, did some shopping, and ate burritos in The Mission. He introduced us to a bakery in Chinatown that sold these treats - which are pretty much like pure angels rolled in coconut and baked into a warm, homemade roll.

What a cool city. The architecture is amazing and where else do you see a pink house, a yellow house, and a baby blue house all next to each other?
That night Danielle and Matt surprised us by taking us on a sunset bay cruise as a graduation present. It was probably my favorite part of the trip and we saw seals, lots of sailboats, and an amazing sunset.
Our cruise passed by Alcatraz
And we were fed appeteasers and dranks.
It went around Angel Island and some other areas where everyone has a mansion overlooking the bay as well as a sailboat
Then our boat went under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was cold and windy but worth it!
On Monday we got Suzi the Suzuki detailed and ready to be shipped to Oahu before dropping her off in Oakland.
Suzi is currently on a barge, in a box, somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. In the meantime we will drive my parents' GIANT van.
Then we went out for the BEST Thai food we have ever had.
And we couldn't resist playing Settlers of Catan with some fellow gamers.
The next morning we went to Mama's Cafe (tradish). It never disappoints. Waiting in line outside for half an hour is completely worth it.
Then we headed to the beach because it's Brenden's favorite (and we don't mind beaches either!)
It was cold but still a lot of fun. Nugget loved playing in the waves (as you can see)
The next morning we went across the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods to walk among the Redwood trees. Tanya had never seen a Redwood. They really are mind-blowingly big and the forest smelled so good!
Thanks to the Peronas for a perfect week!


pennie said...

I live through you guys... so I love to see your pics! You both are so cute, and danielle looks darling! Can't believe she is due so soon, exciting! Keep up the fun trips! love much!

Matt said...

Good times...glad you guys could come out before leaving for Hawaii. T

Danielle Perona said...

Come back now!!! We are missing you a ton! It was so much fun to have you here. Brenden has been talking about you non-stop. Can't wait to see you again in Hawaii!!!

deanna said...

I have a heart on for Frisco