Sunday, February 13, 2011

As Of Late

Here's what's been happening lately on 'da islands:

We re-discovered a childhood favorite: fudgesicles! There's no better way to beat the winter heat
We are 3.5 months away from our big trip to Thailand! Now that I've finished The Hunger Games books, I have been using precious beach time to research the crap out of this fascinating country. We cannot wait to eat curry daily, ride elephants, go snorkeling in water even clearer than Hawaii, focus our chi, and hang out with the folks.
Mark and I found a new favorite surf spot and a week later we brought the wives along. I love this place and hope to go back again soon
We have fully embraced the nautical/beach vibe and have slowly turned our shack into a home. Here are some things we've incorporated to make the transition:

Surf posters to cover our hole-filled walls
We continue to collect bottles that wash ashore. This is my new favorite. Before your junior high minds wander too far, RT stands for Rod & Tan.
We are still nursing our orchid plant, hoping for a second round of bloom.
Although we really really wanted to invest in the fine piece of functional wall art pictured below . . . We have settled for what was already there
And we even found decorations for our porch
Our favorite little nugget/vicarious nephew Bannock is busy fighting to keep big hotels from inundating the North Shore
We had a Fiesta for our friend Natalie's 23rd birthday and the food was fantastic.
Cheers to you, Natalie!
We all got a little shutter-happy
Yesterday was cloudy so we decided to long board the day away with Tommy and The Joz

Coke isn't even paying her for this marketing . . . yet

We are trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible these days. We live in a beautiful place and we want to enjoy what time we have left.


a+c said...

Looks like fun guys, I love fudgesicles. I'll need to go buy some now.

Grandma Cheryl said...

This update made me so homesick for Laie. Brings back lots of great memories.You have it right to stay outside all you can. The true charm of Hawaii is how much time you cam just be outside. Day and night. Can't wait for Thailand too!