Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Want. . .

How do I already have a birthday list? It's not even March yet.

Roxy is my one true weakness.

Torah Bright. Beautiful beach girl and a pro snowboarder. Can I be her?
I love the Roxy athletic line too. . . I need some new workout clothes.

I have a new goal. I'm going to borrow Jozie's longboard and practice until I get good enough to fly down The Point barefoot. . . maybe not that good.

But I do hope to own my own Roxy longboard some day (maybe one to match Gentry's?)

My current running shoes are clunky. . . I would love these. Light as air and so much better for kickboxing/zumba/step classes.

And as long as I'm being outrageous I'll put this on my list.

Imagine the pictures we could take in Thailand!
I'm dreaming.


{she + him} said...

Girl we need to start on those long boarding lessons post we can get you birthday ready for your barefoot ride down the point! HOORAY!

Gentry said...

yes a longboard to match mine! and when you come back we can longboard our brains out i cant wait! i love that you included the roxy ads.. i may or may not have just studied the crap out of that site. more than my textbooks even.

Pennie said...

A Longboard???? Do you not recall your mountain bike adventure at Snowbird???? Yeeeeeek!!!