Saturday, February 12, 2011

What you Should be Watching

Rod and I have a love for television. . . A love that we fully embrace thanks to our DVR and Netflix membership. Here are some of the shows (in our opinion) that you should be watching if you aren't yet. I've started with our newest addition all the way down to the classics.

I know we're like the last ones to starting watching it, but oh well. That's what Netflix is for right? It's so well done and so interesting. Rod loves the 1960's marketing schemes and I'm enthralled by the almost total lack of safety and health precautions there were back then. I mean seriously, what is the cigarette budget for this show?

Also. . . ever since his appearances on SNL I love Jon Hamm, even though his character is shady at best on this show.

This show is brand new this season. It's kinda like Grey's Anatomy (which I love but have gotten so behind on I'm waiting for the DVDs to save me) but it's set in the jungle of South America. If you love outrageous medical dramas, this show is for you.

The main reason we started watching was because it's filmed right here on Oahu! I drive past the set every morning on my way to Kaneohe. It's fun to see the place we now call home on TV, and to see how they make it look like the Amazon.

This is our 5th season watching this show and it never ceases to amaze. Yes, we fast forward through the shameless promotions for Extra Gum and Multi Grain Cheerios, as well as heart-to-hearts that last too long, but it is awesome to see these people grow up and shrink before our very eyes.

Phil Dunphy - 'nuff said

We hesitated watching this show because we were mad at Courtney Cox for what she did to her face - but our friends talked us into giving it a shot and it's now a favorite. It's like "Friends" all grown up. The characters are hilarious and they give us hope that we can still have fun in our forties.

Yes, this show is still a guilty pleasure. It is so well written that it has kept us enthralled for four seasons (mostly thanks to Chuck and Blair). I also love to oogle at the fashion. . .

Liz Lemon keeps us in stitches week after week.
"My mini fridge?! What about my fresh fruit. . . flavored toaster cheesecakes?"

This show took awhile to grow on us, but it was worth the wait. It's too bad it has been pushed around so much (to make room for crappy Outsourced and its too-easy jokes) but it's back and better than ever! I've been told by Rod and my family that I remind them of April. . . It's because I'm sometimes a crusty brunette I guess.

Although we love Joel McHale, he's still the least funny character on this show - so what does that tell you? The more outrageous the episode, the more we like it (the paintball war episode, the trampoline episode, the Kentucky Fried Chicken spaceship episode, the Dungeons and Dragons episode).

Michael Scott will be missed, but we are hoping that losing him will scare the writers into trying harder and keeping the show fresh - or going in a new direction. We still have hope (and are excited for a cameo by Will Farrell).

These next two are the best shows on TV that got canceled. I blame you, Charlie Sheen.

Yes there is a laugh track, but don't let that discourage you. Christine Campbell is the perfect mixture of Elaine Benes and Liz Lemon. Add in constant zingers from Wanda Sykes and you've reached perfection.

This show only lasted one glorious season. We watched it on TV and recently re-watched it over Christmas Break. All of the characters are clueless and hilarious. Once again I'm told by my family (and mostly Rod) that Selma Blair's character reminds them of me. . . apparently she rolls her eyes just like I do. I guess I need to learn to be nice :)

I promise we do more than watch TV, but when it's rainy or dark it's our favorite pastime.

Happy Watching!

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