Wednesday, April 15, 2009

George 4 Easterz

 This Easter weekend we went down to St. George with Tanya's family.  Since her grandma passed away in February, everyone wanted to get together and do all of her favorite things.  She loved Easter.  
    We drove down on Friday with our swimsuits and sunscreen packed, hoping for a warm weekend where we could lay by the pool.  We joked that it would probably rain the whole time. . . and it almost did.  It was warm Sunday though, just in time for us to go to church and then drive back to Salt Lake for more rain and cold.  It was a really fun weekend though.  I married into an awesome family!

First order of business: All you can eat wings at Wingers, and asphalt pie!

Bart and Pennie gave us flip flops and t-shirts for easter.  Tanks Pam!

On Saturday we went to the Hurricane Car Show.  Tanya's Grandpa Tapp entered his car, so we went to see it.  We also saw a lot of other cool/interesting/outrageous cars.  
"nice truck . . . sorry about your wiener"

Is that really necessary?

The dharma initiative surf wagon for pot smokers

This car was made to be a giant bumper car.  We almost bought it, it was for sale for only like $3,000

Grandpa Tapp's car.  He got 3rd place in his category.

Hiding easter eggs for the childrets

Flying kites

More flying kites

Darls face hunting for easter eggs

Testing out the easter egg dye before diving in.  We made a lot of shiny, sparkly, glittery eggs in memory of Grandma Tapp.

Family photo opp 

The ushe pose

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Erin said...

Looks like a really fun trip. Love the fun kite pics, and silly food moments. The best weather is the day you leave...isn't that always how it goes? Not fair!