Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So long, so long . . .

Last week was a crasssssy one.  Two of Tanya's best friends had some stuff happen to 'em (good stuff).  On the same day, Alex Kelson went into the MTC to go to the San Francisco, CA mission and Dani Taylor got married.  We love Al a lot and already miss her.  We also love Dani and Nic and they're one of our favorite couples to double dizz with.  It was also a last chance to see Dan for awhile, since he graduated and is going to Europe and then to Oregon for the summer/forever?

A "goodbye Al" dinner at CPK

Our BFF Sharla was our waitress!  Twas worth the wait, she did a great job and kept those diet Pepsi's with lime comin' (and somehow made it so I didn't even realize they were yucky Pepsi)
 I thought they were Coke!

Saying goodbye to Sister Kelson at her farewell

We got to go to Dani and Nic's wedding dinner, their sealing in the SL temple, and the reception.  NIIICE!

Finally one of Tan's good friends is married.  Keep 'em comin'!

With Jilly Bean!  That week was full of hussies for sure!

With the couple at their reception

They really went all out with the ice sculptured swans.  I petted it.

Mas Hussies


deanna said...

I can NEVER catch an ice're sooo lucky!

Erin said...

Serious events! Good times!

Tan: I got your email with the pic. I think it will work just fine. I'll get going on it after May 10th. I'm excited because I love that temple too!! (We all know that's my wanna be second home!!)