Monday, April 6, 2009

Give me summer or give me death

With the craziness of school, we somehow forgot to blog it up!  We've been busy with lots of fun stuff.  I'll be done with classes in a week and then just finals, Tanya has a couple of weeks after that.  We've only been in school for 4 months in the past year, which is kind of pathetic, but we're still trucking along.  
Tanya is set to graduate in December and I should graduate next April!  We're super excited but it's getting to the point where we don't know what the H we're gonna do with our lives.  We both have kind of broad majors (Health Education and Business Management) and neither of us have done internships . . . but we will just take things a day at a time and hope to somehow win the lottery or maybe a reality TV show.  Who knows, that's the plan for now.  Seems like the most logical way to go about it.

Last month Danielle and Brenden came to Utah for a week.  It was so much fun to see them.  We love our little booger and every time we see him he's more and more playful and can do more stuff.  That also means he can run away from us, which is new, but we got some good quality time in with him.  

He seemed to like laundry basket rides.

See him trying to run away?

It was Tanya's Birthday on March 24th!  Unfortunately, she got sick right before so she was in bed all day on her birthday.  We celebrated a little but couldn't go out on her Birthday like we had planned.  She got a cake with prinkles and white frosting (her fave).  She also got a trip to NYC in May, Twilight, a cupcake carryer, napkin rings, and lots of clothes and cash from our parents.  

lots of prinkles

One of our best friends Dani is getting married in a couple of weeks.  Tan went to her shower with the gals and here are some pics.  

The future Sister Kelson of the San Jose, CA mission, and the future Mrs. Zarbock

Total BFF

On the Friday after Tanya's birthday we went on our birthday date!

It all started out with pedicures at gateway mall.  we got good price.

A hot stone leg massage to ease your troubles? Yes please.

I got one too.  Kind of a waste for guys, but still nice and relaxing.

Tani got the deluxe flower and jewel toes

After the pedicures we went to one of our favorite restaurants . . . TUCANOS!

Tanya was really happy because the waitress agreed to give her a birthday treat without singing to her.  I told her I was the one that wanted them to sing, and I was the one paying her tip.  So . . . . . . . . . . this happened

Happy Bird-day from Tucanos!

Just shopping at Gateway

The last part of our date was going to see Odyssey dance company.  Most of it was called "The Can Can Club" and was done to Moulin Rouge songs.  The dancers were really good.  One of them was Matt from last years "So You Think You Can Dance."  I got the Tickets free for working at the Marriott.  So far with Marriott we've gotten to do tons of free stuff like river rafting, eating at Ruth's Chris, Body Worlds, and Lagoon.  Not to mention the employee hotel discount! 

This year we decided not to go to the Hare Krishna "Festival of Colors."  Married boring couple? Maybe.  We did it last year.  But we went down to Provo and went to dinner with some friends who went (Dan, Kara, and Malia).  Twas fun.  We eated the carnivore pizza . . . the night after Tucanos.  Sieck.

The bike we WILL own if we ever live by the beach

While Tanya's parents went to "Da Big Island" of Hawaii for his work trip, we house sat and made sure Bruvvers behaved.  We had some wild nights in Lehi . . . 
We love you (future) Sister Kelson!  You will be missed. 


Erin said...

Thanks for the update! I guess after graduation, just move to Hawaii and beach bum until you figure it out.

Happy Birthdy Tan! I'm glad you have a sweet hubby to spoil you, embarrass you and relax with you. I love white frosting w/ prinkles too! Ok. I love sugar.

Either way, glad things are well for ya'll.

P.S. you are welcome to check out our blog at gaddfam.blogspot

Danielle Perona said...

Love the update. And booger loves you. He runs away so you will chase him. He is sitting in my lap looking at the pictures of you guys. now a message from Brenden: nhhhhh/nhhhhhhhhhhh