Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School & Work - The ushe :(

WOW!  I (Rodney) have been done with my semester for about a week now, which is such a good feeling as always.  We'll see if I feel that way once my grades come out.  Tanya has about a week left (she's in her 2nd to last final as we speak).  It's been a fun but rough semester.  Both of us have had meltdowns over our futures (having pretty broad majors and not knowing what we're going to do).  I also had to commute to Provo 5 days a week and had 5 big group projects.  Tanya had to take math for the first time since high school.  It appears that we survived and in a semester or 2 will be graduated.
Here are some friends who feel the same way about school as we do . . .

Work . . . hmm, what can I say.  I need a new job! I asked if I could start working days as much as possible, shouldn't be a problem.  I have been scheduled all nights for 2 weeks in a row.  When I work all nights, I literally go to work as Tanya is getting off of work.  I come to home when she is already in bed, and I'm sleeping in when she gets up and goes to work.  It's so pissed, we hate it, and it needs to end.  
SORRY so much complaints.  I had to get it off ma' chest. 

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