Monday, February 1, 2010

I Do Apologize

I want to take a moment to publicly apologize to anyone I have complained to in the last few weeks and months. I have been upset about my work for a while now – most of you know that I really don’t love my job. Ever since I was promoted, my new job has piled on more responsibility and less satisfaction. I thought that once I graduated from college a big huge door of opportunity would open up and I would find a great career that fits me perfectly . . . so far, not so much. However, with my new decision to apply to grad school I have decided to stay at the job I’m at now until I start school. In an effort to cheer myself up, I am going to list all the POSITIVE things about my job.

1. The hospital I work at is exactly 4 minutes from my house, which is sa-weet.
2. I can come home for lunch and eat with Rodney when he’s not at school.
3. I now have my own office – with totally legit business cards to match.
4. We now have Select Health insurance, which is sooo much better than our crap student insurance plan. This means I no longer have to drive myself to Provo under the influence of cough syrup to see the slightly creepy BYU clinic doctor.
5. I finally know what I’m doing in this new job and I’m making less and less critical mistakes every day!
6. I have learned A LOT – probably more than I ever wanted to know about breast cancer.
7. I have a job. Period. In this economy I know I am very lucky.

So there you have it, I promise to shut my trap from now on . . . or I’ll at least try. I can make it a few more months, but winter really doesn’t help. Summer better hurry it up!


deanna said...

God bless...EVERYONE!

Heather and Barry said...

Hi Tanya,
You have such a cute blog. I love seeing all the fun pictures of you two traveling to all the fun places. You are such a cute girl! It looks like you are happy and doing well!
Love ya

Rodney Rasmussen said...