Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We are still trying to catch up on season 5 of Lost so that we can be with the current season 6. We are addicted.

When we were on Oahu for our wedding we were driving with Dan and Gent and our friend Beana (who was there going to school) and she all of the sudden said "pull over!" I guess she could recognize some trucks on the side of the road that meant that they were filming Lost nearby. We all piled out of the car, crossed through some private property, and ended up at Cabela Bay (pretty secluded beach on the North Shore). There were film trucks everywhere and crews cleaning up for the day. We had just missed the filming, but we saw some props and things. One of them was a tepee and a little camp set up.

Last night as we were watching, that Tepee and camp made its debut and it made us very happy. Here is a picture of it. For those of you that watch, it's where they take Sayid and tie him to the tree and give him the sugar cube. You know.

If we had only been there a few minutes earlier we could have had a Sayid and a Sawyer sighting.

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