Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Park City

This past weekend we went to Park City with Curtis and Ashley and had a great time! While driving around trying to find a parking space we started talking about how people from Salt Lake (or maybe it's just us) don't come to Park City as often as we should. It really is so pretty up there and it was such a treat to breathe some fresh (although very cold) air.
We started off with dinner at Red Banjo Pizza Parlour (yes, I spell it the fancy way) on Main Street. It was really fun because the women's downhill and short track events were on the TV and everyone was really into them.
Although I look drunk in this picture, water was the beverage of choice
Then we walked around and stopped at all the little shops and art galleries that were still open. I can't understand why I look so giant in this picture.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a tradish, and Curtis and Ashley made the right choice getting a caramel apple
I, on the other hand, just ate the fake samples that they have on display - plastic covered glass cheesecake and rubber cement covered foam ice cream bar - and zero calories, so there you go.
We also went to an amazing gallery that had mind-blowing pictures taken using only natural light and a very huge, very cool camera. Oh, and they had a guitar signed by John Mayer. Tanya was in heaven - for John is her 2nd love.

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Gentry said...

Rod... was your hair blow-dried? Might remind me of Free to be Waikiki.

Tannie... Your headband (and you) is (are) adorable.

Rotancurash... LOVES