Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wings N Things

For those that know me (Rod) well, buffalo wings are my favorite food in the whole world. If there's a restaurant that serves them, I've probably had them. I consider myself a wing connoisseur and am always in search of the perfect buffalo wing. I am also always in search of excellent bleu cheese (yes I spell it the fancy way) dressing to dip them in.

On Friday dreams came true.
We tried a new place that we had heard about called "The Wing Coop" off of Wasatch Blvd and it did not disappoint. They had great wings and 17 different sauce choices and their blue cheese was amaze.

We topped in all off with Diet Coke with fresh limes, decorating sugar cookies, and catching up on season 5 of Lost.

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Ashley.Latimer said...

Damn you for beating me. Pictures almost in identical order, not on purpose.