Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything Must Go

After last year's garage sale success (earning close to $500) we decided we had enough stuff to have another one this year! It's a lot of work pricing and setting everything up and hanging posters. The fun part (for me) is the actual sale part. I love interacting with people and especially I like using my Spanish (which I get to a LOT at garage sales). Tanya on the other hand, hates garage sales and vows we will never do another. I may be with her after this one . . .

I really did feel like we had good stuff - a couch, 2 TVs, TV stand, a mini fridge, a coffee table, all my fashionable clothes from 2005, and some great odds n' ends.
Unfortunately we only made $80. Worth it? I don't know.

This didn't sale at the garage sale, but I sold it on KSL.com for the full $100!

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Erin said...

I need you to come and be a salesman at our garage sale. We made about that and had lots more stuff! Of course so much of it was worthless crap. So cool you got some extra mulah!