Monday, June 15, 2009

Shabby Apple

So I (Rodney) am doing an internship this summer with Shabby Apple. Shabby Apple is a women's and girl's online dress boutique. I was ashamed to talk about it at first becuase of the nature of the business - dresses. They are actually a really cool company and everyone that I talk to or that hears about it loves them & the stuff they sale. They also give 5% of net dress sales to women in India for loans, so they can become self reliant. That aint bad!

I really like what I do for this internship. We work a lot with social media like blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. to get the word out. I am very intersted in Marketing, and I think social media is the future of Marketing (to an extent). It's cool to get a lot of experience and a lot of freedom to just learn. I felt very out of my element the first day when we arrived and the owners started asking for our opinion on dress styles, what looked good and what didn't - but I'm getting better.

One of our other responsibilities as interns is to write articles that we publish online at various article publishing sites. They liked mine and put it on the Shabby Apple Blog.
A couple people started writing on my facebook wall "you intern for Shabby Apple?" and I was like "how did you find that out?" I guess they read this blog. The secret's out.
Tannie likes this dress. I'm gonna try to win it for her.


Erin said...

The company sounds pretty cool. I think I've heard of them from Give Away Today. And Tanya does have awesome taste...that dress is super cute...I hope you win too!

deanna said...

uh one for me too. I just found about shabbyapple from some sweet bridesmaid dresses at a recent wedding I saw photos of. Love it!