Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love to see the . . . well you know the REST!

Ever since even before our wedding day, Tanya and I have wanted a cool pic of the Laie temple to hang in our house. We finally got it and we LOVES it. Our Hawaii photographer took this on our wedding day. However, we wanted it to look kind of antique and old fashioned. Erin Gadd to the rescue! She was our photographer for our Utah reception and a good friend of ours. http://www.pinkdaffodilphoto.blogspot.com/ - Her blog
She took the picture and antiqued it, and then had it made into a canvas (the kind that stick out of the wall). We love how it turned out and it's great having something to hang over our new fireplace!
Love those palm trees . . . oh, and the temple of course.

I love how it wraps around


Erin said...

OOO!!! Me likey!!! It looks stunning over the fireplace! I'm thinking of ordering one myself...even though we weren't married there...it's just purdy. I can always count on my peeps for giving Pink Daffodil a shout out!! Thanks guys!!

deanna said...

L-O-V-E it!

Danielle Perona said...

That is way cool