Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Dare You To Judge Us

So the day has finally come . . . we have made the big move from our 450 square foot Lost Creek Apartment to my parents' basement apartment.  We don't consider it moving in WITH my parents because it has its own private entrance, its own kitchen, etc.  We are excited to go from paying around $800/month to paying what my dad thinks is fair: mow the lawn every week and invest 10% of our income for ourselves.  That aint bad!

Some things we will miss about Lost Creek
  1. Hearing our neighbor (a 30 something male) to the side of us listen to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack on full blast at all hours of the night
  2. Hearing our upstairs neighbors vacuum at all hours of the night (3:30 am for example).
  3. Lugging everything from our car to our apartment and visa versa (groceries, laundry, purchases) for what feels like about a 3 mile trek
  4. Our downstairs neighbor smoking on the balcony about every 15 minutes, not allowing us to open our windows and let fresh air in.
  5. The mold that kept growing in the shower, which the maintenance guys would just paint over instead of getting rid of. 
  6. You get the idea
Some things we will love about the basement apartment 
See For Yourself!

Both us and my parents have done a lot of work to make the basement apartment nice.  We are completely re-doing the bathroom (I chipped up the tile up and my dad is putting in new tile, granite countertop, and painting - but it's not done yet.)  We also stripped the wallpaper from the bedroom, patched the walls, and painted them as well as the walls in the kitchen and family room.  I shampooed the carpets and just a lot of cleaning.  Thanks mom and dad, we love how it turned out!

Our private entrance

The family room - complete with lovesac, leather couches, flatscreen TV, and gas fireplace.

The kitchen - much bigger than our old one.  You know you're married and lame when things like counter space get you excited!
We also got a Betta Fish (as seen on counter).  His name is Tyrone (or Ty, or Ty Ty Baby).  We OBVIOUSLY wanted a Yorkie or a Chihuahua, but I guess that will be when we have our own place!

We found room for our table

The bathroom - a work in progress

Our office/Tanya's "vanity"

Yes the 2nd bedroom has bunk beds.  Any out of towners are welcome to spend a night

Our bedroom - yes, we're still obsessed with Hawaii!

Tanya has her own big closet.  Good thing too, since she owns hundreds of pairs of shoes.

And I have my own big closet too!
We're happy, it feels right and we are going to be able to start saving some money since we're not paying rent.  Thanks mom and dad for letting us cut your space in half!


misty said...

Way to go!! Im so happy for the two of you! Nothing wrong with living with the parents. Sometimes thats what life calls for and you just got to go with it! :D I like how you phrased the over night guest to "a night" *grin*
Glad things are going well!! Love ya!

Erin said...

How cool are you? Nice place! enjoy the space!! And you better do like the parents say and save that mulah! I can't wait to see where you're going to hang your Laie temple picture...which by the way got here about 20 minutes ago! Woohooo!